Helena Domenic, Artist and Educator
Brings Out The Best Potential in Students 

Painting by Helena Domenic www.mythandwonder.com. Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist’s permission.
One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child. ~ Carl Jung

Helena Domenic, artist and educator states, “Art in the classroom is so critical to helping students recognize their own potential and intelligence in a way that more left-brained disciplines may not. I get very excited when I see students making connections between the things they learn in my class and are able to relate them to their other classes. I also am excited when I get feedback from my fellow faculty that my students are bringing the things they learn into my classroom into theirs.”

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Helena Domenic was touring the Sistine Chapel at the age of eighteen months. Currently living in Exton, Pennsylvania she teaches Art History, African Art, Drawing, and Painting at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, the oldest historically African American university in the United States.

Painting by Helena Domenic. www.mythandwonder.com Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist’s permission.
Art is a Healing Universal Language
She explains, “For me teaching has brought home the realization that art transcends culture, language, bias and prejudice. Studying and teaching the history of art — both Western and African art — reminds me of my own place in the cosmos, and of how context and perception shape our experiences of art. As an art teacher I have the opportunity to see the ‘light bulbs’ go off in students’ heads: Sometimes seeing a visual image can convey a concept or idea in a way that the spoken word simply cannot.”

Domenic’s love of art at a very early age continued to grow and led to a BFA in Fine Art and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts. She is an exhibiting artist whose paintings are about, “…giving birth, whether that process is about literally giving birth or the act of creation in all of its forms.” She also serves as the curator of the university’s Biddle Hall Art Gallery and serves as an advisor to the Fine Art Honor Society.

“I believe art is a bridge that allows us to cross gaps we might not have anticipated, helps us to contend with whatever the world may throw our way. Art helps us to speak the unspeakable, to heal the wounds of individuals and cultures. Art brings people together in ways before unimaginable.”

Learn more about Helena Domenic and her art on her website www.mythandwonder.com